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Thursday, July 9, 2009

trip to Blockbuster

I decided to go to Blockbuster this evening to trade in our Blockbuster Online rental for an in-store video for the kids. My kids are used to non-violent, somewhat educational videos because that is what I feel is appropriate for them right now.

***Disclaimer: If your kids watch action movies I'm not saying that is wrong, it's just not for us.

So, on the big TV in the middle of the store, guess what is playing? TRANSFORMERS! We walked in during an intense (and loud) action scene. After what seemed like forever, we made it over to the kids section, decided on Nick Jr. Sleeptime Favorites and went to check it out.

So I asked the clerk "What is this move rated?" She said "PG-13". I said "This is allowed in Blockbuster stores?" (at 7pm???) She said "There are no REAL cuss words, and no sex scenes, just violence." just violence? I asked her "Are you sure this is okay for all Blockbuster stores to play PG-13 movies?" "Yes, as long as there are not cuss words or sex scenes." Oh, as long as it's just violence.

My children proceeded to have meltdowns and temper tantrums as we left, (they also are dealing with colds) with the exception of baby girl who had no clue why her brothers were screaming.

I explained to Biggest brother that Transformers is not for small children because it is violent and you are not ready for that much violence. Because I love you and want you to have sweet dreams and feel happy inside. and guess what he said...

"Mommy, when I am grown up I'm going to take my kids to Blockbuster. And when they ask me if they can see a violent movie I am going to say no! And I will tell them it's because it's not good for them and because I love them to much too let them watch it."

Could that have ended any better? I just couldn't believe it.


I called this morning and spoke with the Shift Manager, the same person who told me it was "just violence". I was asking for the District Manager's phone number. She said after I left she actually watched some of Transformers and realized that it is not appropriate for children. She said that it was not on the BlockbustserApproved list, and they had just been playing it because a new Transformers movie is about to be released. She said she will speak with all her employees and make certain that the only movies played in the future are appropriate for EVERYONE! (Thank you Jackie for encouraging me to call!)