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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Admiring Beauty

Driving down the road the other day we slowed down to turn where a couple of high school girls were waiting to cross the street. From the backseat I hear...

"Whoa, mommy! Did you see her? That girl is so beautiful!!! I've never seen anything like that before!" (C)

"That girl is very, very cute mommy" (N)

Oh my...
You have to think of how completely innocent their admiration is. They are totally enthralled with the beauty they see before them and in a completely adorable way. They feel free to compliment whatever touches them in that moment and are so free! It's such a beautiful thing!



C was totally obsessed with the wishbone this year. He read about it in one of his library books and was very interested in this strange new venture.

So of course he made his wish out loud. Because he's 4. And he wished for....


Mind you, he had a full tummy but he really wanted this cheese and was somewhat surprised when it didn't appear to him. Immediately we found him a big piece of cheese and of course he ate it.

Of all things to wish for!!!! :)