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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Letter from Grandma

I recently found a letter on an old piece of notepaper in a journal written by my Grandma Pat and thought it was pretty special and so very her. It made me miss her more and wish I could talk with her today...

Dear Father

I thank thee for my many blessings.

For my children- for the love and companionship as well as comfort and pride that they give me.

For my friends- surrounded by their love and your love Dear Father I never feel alone.

For my work- it helps give a purpose and meaning to my life.

For my apparent good health- so I can enjoy life more fully.
Help me to see that changes in life can be blessings also- that they open new doors and are the beginnings for a richer, fuller life.

Help me to see that disappointments and hurts may be blessings also. Help me to see and understand them as such.
My prayer is not only for myself but for everyone. May they too feel the wonderfulness of your blessings. Be with those who are unhappy, confused, in pain, or have not found the way. Help them- Help them Dear Lord to find the path to true happiness with you.

I ask all this in Jesus name

Patricia Jeanne Bell Wilson

Love you and miss you greatly Grandma!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sweetness ❤

between a daddy and his girl...