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... for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Have Been Set Apart

You have been saved by faith alone.

Are we not blown away by what this truly means? Or are we complacent in life tuning out the resounding convictions of our hearts, ignoring the inner voice of the Spirit, deaf to what we do not want to hear?

"Because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God." Romans 8:14

For many years I turned away from God and conformed to the world, shutting out everything holy. It started when I was about 14 or maybe before then. I was guided by a ridiculous need to fit in with my peers and be like them. I was quietly self-centered, and discontent. I was obsessed with outer beauty and of course never measured up. What should have disgusted me had become normal. I was a slave to the philosophy of the world. It only worsened until my early 20s when I realized that I was truly miserable. By the grace of Christ I was saved from the pit I had thrown myself into. My old self was nailed to the cross and I can celebrate the new me that actually wants to know God and please Him. Amazing grace is what that is.

I am now very aware of how easy it is to slip into the world’s way of thinking. It is enticing and very sneaky. It has slipped into my own life many times when I let my guard down, as something appearing harmless and fun… but the true philosophy behind it has nothing that glorifies God. I am finally beginning to understand the true meaning of putting on the full armor of God… I need the full armor of God every day.

I will make mistakes. I am beyond imperfect and I know that. What I’m talking about is a state of mind that strives to honor God, regardless of what my plans were.

"Therefore come out from them, and be separate, says the Lord." II Corinthians 6:17

I don't imagine this to be easy. Sometimes you won't fit in. Sometimes just doing what you're doing ruffles everyone's feathers. I am not talking about something specific. I am talking about anything in life that we at some point realize does not glorify God, denying ourselves and taking up our cross and asking Him, what do you have for me? I am yours.

It might mean going completely against what the culture of the world expects.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." Romans 12:2

God speaks to the Israelites repeatedly about their being Set Apart for Him:

“You must not live according to the customs of the nations I am going to drive out before you. Because they did all these things, I abhorred them. You are to be holy to me because I, the LORD, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.” Leviticus 20:23,26

YOU have been Set Apart.

If we really believe that the Spirit of God is ALIVE in us—which is true for those who believe in Him— shouldn’t we strive to bring honor to him in all we do? We have been Set Apart to be known by Him... and it's really not about us at all.

We don't have to be afraid to be different; we are called to be different.


There is 'no condemnation' for those who are in Christ Jesus.... and nothing can separate us from his love. That is the beautiful beginning and end of Romans chapter 8 and how can I not be overwhelmed by such a loving God. I see a beautiful picture painted of life led by the Spirit... Take out the 'me' and let Christ do the leading. Surrender. I really hope that what I am trying to say makes sense.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I just love this message.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why meal plan...

... when somebody has already done it for you?

Eat at Home 'Weekly Menus'

Granted, I don't love the sound of all her recipes... but they are easy to modify according to your liking and some of them sound really good!

Grocery lists included!

I found the weekly menus site through this blog which I just love!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Guidelines

I found this list by Harold and Lori Walker and thought it really hit on every behavioral goal we'd hope to live by as a family. It's in child-friendly wording and straight to the point:

1. Always use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.

2. Always display kind actions, even if you have been mistreated.

3. Show joyful attitudes even when no one is looking.

4. Have sincere motives with no thoughts of self-gain.

5. Think pure thoughts.

6. Always give a good report of others. Never tattle unless physical harm will come to someone. Use Matthew 18.

7. Never raise a hand to hit.

8. Never raise a foot to kick.

9. Never raise an object to throw.

10. Never raise a voice to yell.

11. Never raise an eye to scowl.

12. Use one toy/activity at a time.

13. Never go to bed angry or guilty.

14. Put Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last = JOY Make serving your family a priority.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I didn't feel an overwhelming amount of thankfulness and love.... but I just can't because those two emotions dominate my life. I can think of so many reasons to be thankful, and while I am far from perfect, I never run out of compassion and love.

But what is on my mind right now is that day when I mentioned homeschooling to my husband. Not because I had a desire to homeschool... I mean, I really didn't. I had questions. I had a long list of reasons in my head of why I cannot. I found some entertaining answers on this blog.

My husband was positive and encouraging from the start... He even wanted to go to a homeschooling convention with me and find out more. We went... (I went) hesitantly. At the convention I realized something new: that it's a lifestyle and a state of mind... definitely not "School at Home" as I had previously imagined. Freedom. Freedom from the ordinary to explore and learn more about what truly matters.

Extreme encouragement.
Complete confidence. Passion. This is what I received from my husband in every conversation we had after that convention. And I don't take that for granted for even 1 second. He believed in me and still does, amazingly. I am thankful for new insights revealed to us each day that encourage us even more to be okay with being different.
For me, being different is not easy. I have always strived to be peaceful and do what is pleasing to others. Surprisingly, most of the people I know are totally comfortable with it and are extremely encouraging... Another thing I am so thankful for is amazing friends!!!

Lately Mr. C. announces to everyone he meets "I am a kindergartener, and my mom even let me start a early!" I am overflowing with thankfulness. I am so thankful for the freedom to homeschool. I am thankful to be part of so many networks that support and encourage me. I am thankful for our busy, full schedule and cannot wait to see what God will reveal to us each day.

I am mostly thankful for a husband who loves me and really, really believes in me even when I don't know how to believe in myself.


And Thankfulness.

That is really all I have to say.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


We took a vacation last month and it took me this long to post anything about it! We went to Morro Bay and brought our trailer. The week was full of fun. I will try to capture a few of our moments.

Arrived Monday to see the fog rolling in over the hills, grabbed a quick dinner and set up the trailer for bedtime. Can you smell the ocean air and eucalyptus trees?

Tuesday we went to Embarcadero, the main street in Morro Bay. We visited the smallest 'Aquarium' I've ever seen.... our kids thought it was so cool, good thing they don't have high expectations. I didn't like seeing the seals in captivity like that, but then I read about their injuries and that they couldn't survive out in the Bay and protect themselves. There was a room with small aquariums. C loved the eels. They had octopus, and small sharks and lots of interesting sea life in a very small space.

Wednesday Grammy and Auntie Leslie joined us. We went over by Morro Rock and saw a bunch of sea otters floating in the bay. There were also hundreds of enormously fat squirrels begging to be fed.. It was quite creepy. After that we went to a park right in the middle of town. It was a great place for the kids to let out some energy and play! We went back to camp for quiet time, and then visited the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History. I have no pictures from there but it was great. After that we had a wonderful dinner at Outrigger overlooking the water. I had Halibut piccata and so did my dad and Grammy... it was good!

Thursday we did our usual trip to the SLO Children's Museum... we could spend all day there. But we left for lunch at the Natural Cafe, a great place in downtown SLO that has natural and organic health foods... reasonably priced too. On our way back to the museum we visited the toy store and got stuck in there for about an hour. They have many play stations set up so kids can really enjoy themselves. Back to the museum we spent time in all three levels before finally deciding we were tired out.

On our last day, Friday, we had lunch at our favorite place.. The Bayside Cafe. It's right across the golf course. Everything we've had there is fantastic, but Daniel is extremely impartial to their fish and chips and I agree with him, they are really good.

Wonderful trip! Went by so fast and I cannot wait to breathe the ocean air again in September!

Friday, June 25, 2010

God takes good care of me.

Me: "How does a nest remind us that God takes good care of us?"

Caleb: "Because it's safe and warm, and God wraps His wings around us and protects us from danger."

Psalm 91:1-4
Psalms 17:8-9

(just a nice thought for the day) :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebrating Ladybug

Our little Ladybug does NOT have DDH!

What she does have is abnormal ligament laxity otherwise known as loose ligaments. Her ligaments should begin to tighten up more over time.  She doesn't have enough control to walk normal yet, but her doctor will continue to observe her progress and we just wait for those ligaments to tighten.  It is probably linked to heredity and her breech position during pregnancy.  Praise God for no surgery and no awful cast!

Miss E may not be walking yet but she is SUPER cuddly, loves being held all the time and is totally relaxed just sitting on your lap.  Those are things I could not say for a walking toddler who's on the move.  My little girl still has no hair, just fuzz.  People ask me if she's 10 months old... when she's 16 months old.  Then they hear her talk!  She has quite a vocabulary and you know exactly what she wants.  If she doesn't know the name of an item she points at it and says "NOW!"  I am not so crazy about that one but we're working on it.

I am thankful that my 'baby' is in snuggly cuddly baby mode still.  As much as I wish she was walking I fully appreciate TODAY and THIS MOMENT.  I am so thankful for her trusting spirit that falls asleep in my arms so easily.  I am thankful for her lively personality that sings, dances and scolds her brothers when necessary. I am so thankful for every part of her and what makes her who she is.  God did amazing work when He made her.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ladybug still isn't walking

Ladybug had her Well-Child checkup today. She is 16 months old and my main concern is the fact that she is not walking. Her language skills are well ahead of her age, and as we all know she's a healthy and a happy girl. At first the doctor didn't seem concerned and reminded me that 16 months is not that unusual, and is most likely related to personality. But when he examined her he noticed several things that made him concerned. He ordered an ultrasound to confirm whether she has developmental dysplasia of the hip, which is a birth defect caused by abnormal development of the hip joint.

First, he noticed that her hip pops when he moves her leg up and down (I had never noticed this). Then he turned her over and saw that she has an extra fold under her rear on one side and her lower body is slightly uneven. It is so slight that I really can't even see it myself. When I walk her around a room she stands on her tippy toes, has a slight limp, and doesn't bear weight on her legs for an extended period of time. These are all signs of this DDH.

If the ultrasound shows that she does have DDH we will be referred to a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. There is a possibility she could need surgery, and she will most likely be put in a spica cast until the upper thighbone moves into the hip socket keeping it in place while the joint grows. This would be followed by physical therapy.

I am getting a little ahead of myself and will take a deep breath and wait for the ultrasound to tell us what exactly is going on, and to what degree. I know she will be okay... ♥ but prayers are more than welcome and greatly appreciated!

He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
Even youth grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strenght
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:29-31

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Me To Remember

Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.

Psalm 34:4 I sought the LORD and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:7 The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him and He delivers them.

Psalm 40:1-3 I waited patiently for the LORD. He inclined to me and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. He has put a new song in my mouth, even praise to our God.

Psalm 41:10-13 Fear not, for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. Yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness. Behold, all they that were incensed against you shall be ashamed and confounded. They shall be as nothing. They that strive with you shall perish. You shall seek them and shall not find them that contend with you. They that war against you shall be as nothing.

Psalm 91 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Whom I trust." Surely He will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the (1) terror of the night, nor the (2) arrow that flies by day, nor the (3) pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the (4) plague that destroys at midday. (Spiritual insight = Prior 4 categories cover all of God's covenant protection promises.)
A 1,000 may fall at your side, 10,000 at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If you make the Most High your dwelling - even the Lord, Who is my refuge - then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent (house/place). For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all you ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent. "Because He loves me," says the Lord, "I will protect him, for he acknowledges My name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble. I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation."

Isaiah 26:3 You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Isaiah 54:5 For your Maker is your husband.

Mark 6:13 "Don't be afraid; just believe."

John 14:26-27 "The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

Romans 8:15 For you have not received the (evil) spirit of bondage again to fear; bur you have received the (Holy) Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can be against us?

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Updated Pics

It's been ages since I posted a single photo so here are some updated photos of the fam. :)

Ladybug is 15 months old now.
Here we're going for a walk, and feeding geese.
(not that you can see them, hehe)

At the Grizzlies Game a few weeks ago with my boys!

We got to hang out with Grammy, Grampy, and Auntie and the whole fam... SO FUN!

My little burst of sunshine!

Mother's Day 2010
I feel blessed.

My parents are a huge blessing.
Happy Mother's day Mom!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I've been up to.

It's been ages since I posted anything. I know, I'm awful...We've been so busy though and time flies when you're having fun! Right?

First of all... homeschooling. It's going quite well!
I have come to the conclusion that my teaching method is Charlotte Mason... you can read a bit about her method by clicking here. The Charlotte Mason method uses a lot of hands-on activities, live books, and nature walks... basically learning is FUN. I have been using My Father's World kindergarten and both boys are totally loving it. This curriculum combines Charlotte Mason and classical education with a biblical worldview and international focus. It covers reading, math, science, bible, creative thinking, character development and art with tons of hands-on activities that are simple enough that they somehow don't overwhelm me. And the best part is it doesn't take much time at all, (most days about an hour) so our schedule can include tons of other activities... seriously we are not home much at all (okay we are always home during afternoon naptime) but not a whole lot for a bunch of homeschoolers. I'm sure we'll need to spend more time on studies as they get older but for now each day is an adventure!

The boys start gymnastics tomorrow. They are SUPER excited (and so am I)! We went to a Grizzlies game last weekend and we're looking forward to more in the future.

God is doing crazy things to me... I'm changing on the inside. If you knew me more than 10 years ago, you would not believe I'd be a mother of 3 or the thoughts that go through my head. I am being transformed each day into someone who longs to glorify my amazing God... He is truly amazing!!!

More exciting things to come in the future but for now that is all I have to say.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Immeasurably Awesome

Do you know how much I LOVE my kids? Each on of them is immeasurably awesome, and possess the most special qualities that I cannot even describe my fondness for.

When they look at me I melt. Their gestures of affection get me through the toughest of days. Sometimes I just stare at them and feel so unworthy. How in the world does God love me so much that He gave me such amazing kids?

I'm so incredibly thankful.