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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm a daydreamer.

I daydreamed through school... of being a ballerina or an architect or a marine biologist... God had a different plan... I am so glad for His perfect plan.

I daydreamed of finding my soulmate, and being his wife. It took a while... but was worth the wait.

I daydreamed of paint colors and where to plant the perfect flower combinations in my garden. (It's true.)

I daydreamed of a baby, and then baby names, and how to be a the best possible mother... and then I became a mother and realized I was totally unprepared for this! But God took me by the hand and I am forever changed by the scary, unexplainable love that overtook me when I became a mother.

I've been daydreaming of a little girl in China. I know I'm not prepared for this... but I know God's plan is perfect... and so is every good, perfect gift straight from heaven. Faith is what makes things happen....

not daydreams.

Our homestudy is complete. One step closer to holding our daughter in our arms and giving her two parents, two brothers, and a sister... and grandparents, and wonderful friends to love her. always and forever.

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Brooke said...

Can't wait to meet your girl Jonna...she too is probably daydreaming about a father and mother, who will love her as she deserves to be loved and, she doesn't know it yet, but it's God's perfect plan to show this precious girl Him...what a perfect and amazing God we serve!